We have the best topics that any platform could ask for and this is because each topic or story that gets the green light for publish would have gone through a lot of tests and processing to ensure successful acceptance from our loyal readers. The majority of articles that get presented to us from our sources never make it to the platform – this should go a long way to show how much we value the readers, only the best or nothing.

Getting from a cult type of platform, with only the most innovative news updates, to a platform that has followers turning up religiously, a lot of work has been put in and the results keep reminding us of the possibilities. We are always striving to get better than the time we published the last article, and the change can be traced through the times we have been active.

The seasons that have come and passed over our content company have all been met with the bravest writing crew and supporting staff. These act as the all important conditioning that makes us stronger and more focused to follow through on tech updates on behalf of the loyal readers.